Tonight I couldn't be more thankful for having this collar in my freezer. my boy, romeo, was paying with the neighbor boy and over did it in the humidity. I rushed him home to get the collar on as soon as possible, he laid on the floor for 20 mins with the collar recovering. i truly believe this collar saved my boy tonight..... thank you doesn't cover how I feel...

Mandy & Romeo

U.S. Canine Biathlon Competitors



     We’ve been using the T-Cool for over two months now on our 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog with only positive feedback to share — we love this one-of-a-kind cooling collar! Of course, putting the collar on our dog doesn’t replace common sense or act as some magical shield to heat. Rather, the collar is a supplemental aid to keep our girl safe and comfortable in more hot & humid weather.
      The technology is simple, safe and easy to wear — the removable cooling packs in the netting inside the collar rest against her neck and chest, pulling heat away from her body and allowing her to cool down more quickly following exertions in higher temperatures. The collar is slim so would fit under any harness. We’re planning on buying a back-up set of cooling packs as well to keep in reserve for trips and especially hot outings.
     One of my biggest concerns when deciding to bring a large breed working dog into our family was how hot it gets where we live and the fear that comes with the possibility of canine heatstroke (we’ve lost a cat to heatstroke in the past and our family was devastated). The T-Cool collar coupled with appropriate precautions in hot weather gives us so much peace of mind that we’re doing everything we can to keep our girl healthy and happy in the Tennessee summers. Thanks to the wonderful creators for making such a fantastic and innovative collar!

Matt, Clara, & Penny



Behind the scenes of what it takes to train your dog to a high level we needs reps and lots of them. We also want a fresh dog to make sure performance is at its high for the extreme training we’re demanding.
While performance is important, pushing a dog to its limits is always a tricky and delicate balancing act. Over heating your working dog could be one of the most traumatic realities as a dog trainer.
What made me purchase my T-Cool collars with like 5 extra cool packs was that 1° could be the difference in saving my dogs life.
As a user for the last 4 months. I have reduced my dogs recovery by 40-50 %. What use to take my dog 2 hours to cool down Now takes 45-90 minutes depending on the work we’re doing and the weather.

T-Cool collars gives me that extra sense of protection when working my boy.

Stevo Henderson &  Uno

Checkmate K9



Super happy with the collar, and very surpriced with the speedy recovery after traning! So Happy I got it before the heat wave came to Norway! Can highly recommend it to all my working dogs friends! 😍👍🏼

Charlotte & Birk



T-Cool has helped cut our dogs’ cool down time in half. Highly recommend this product for the hot summer months.

Marla, Finny, & Charlie

IGP Competitor, OG Indy


My solid black GSD runs hot - I’ve noticed this since about 5 days old. As it’s finally heating up in IL, keeping him cools while working is a real concern. Another IGP competitor recommended the T-Cool Collar. I didn’t know how easy it would be to put on my wild man, or if he would lay down and leave it alone. But rest assured, it’s a breeze to put on - and Mingus immediately took to it! He even laid into it. I have noticed an improvement in his recovery between rounds. I will not leave home without it during the hot season! Highly recommend - worth the investment to protect my asset, and partner. He gives me his all - I owe it to him to give my all. T-Cool is an amazing product!

Nancy & Mingus

IGP Competitor




After a scare with heatstroke during a game of fetch with Halo last summer, we are very excited to have the opportunity to not only be one of the first to try out the T-CoolK9 cooling collar, but also to represent and educate on such an innovative and amazing product. The T-CoolK9 collar was created using a combination of science and technology, which means there is actual data - something that is hard to come by when it comes to this type of canine cooling gear. It’s design is easy to use and fits under most training vests and equipment, making it perfect for the working dog as well. Check them out / I highly recommend. 

Becky & Halo



My dog gets hot really easy. When he gets hot, he makes a crazy breathing sound. He’s been noticeably better since using the Tcool collar! If I hadn’t already had one, I would have bought one after I heard the story of it saving a cop dog, for sure!

Angie & Tiger

IGP Competitors



This is a great product! It kept my Dutch shepherd cool at our fast cat trials this weekend!

Jodi & Ada

#2 Nationwide Competitor in AKC FAST Cat