Our Story


         It is a simple story, we are a family of dog lovers. We all have had dogs beside us since birth. We are passionate about our dogs. We also have experienced the unbelievable grief of losing a beloved family member to canine heat stroke. That is where our journey began. Learning that canine heat stroke is a common cause of death. It is the number one cause of death in working dogs. Learning that is it preventable, obviously, just don't ever take your dog outside, but who does that? What can you do to prevent heat stroke and still be active with your dog?? Learning that there is very little comprehensive scientific research on canine heat stroke was a shock. Learning that all existing products that lay claim to prevent canine heat stroke, are just that, a claim. Claims that are not only bogus but have zero science behind them.


           Our goal was to raise awareness, conduct scientific research and create a product that can help prevent canine heat stroke. So, we began this journey by partnering with scientists and technologist to create a product which does work, that has demonstrated the ability to suppress body temperature during rigorous physical activity. And that was the beginning of T-Cool. The cooling collar which helps prevent canine heat stroke. Designed to be worn and still allow training, location and other collars in the proper position. 


      The journey doesn't end with this product. A portion of the profits from the sales of our product will be reinvested in additional scientific research to continue to learn about this silent killer. How it affects dogs by breed, physical condition, ambient temperature and the change in temperature. We will not stop, until we can provide dog owners with the awareness, knowledge, and tools to prevent all canine heat stroke deaths.