What is T-Cool’s objective?
To raise awareness of one the most devastating, common and preventable causes of death in our canine partners. To foster scientific research in this area, which there is little to none available. To work with passionate scientists, veterinarians, and canine organizations, to provide products, methods, and procedures to prevent heat stroke.
Q. What is canine hyperthermia or Heat Stroke?
Heat Stroke is the elevation of temperature in the dog which can lead to death in the dog.
QHow Common is heat stroke?
Heat stroke is the most common cause of death in working dogs. These are the most physically fit dogs around, they include, bomb, drug war, protection and sport dogs. While statistics are not available for companion animals, most veterinarians will tell you that it is a very common form of death. We all have experienced this or know someone who has lost a pet, due to heat stroke.
QHow can I prevent heat stroke in my dog?
Easy. Awareness, don’t let your dog’s temperature get above the critical level.
Q. What is the critical level?
This is hard to tell, because it varies between breeds, age, fitness, location, outside temperature, humidity, acclimation, and amount of energy being expended.
Q. How can I figure out what is the correct temperature for my dog.
With all the variables, it is not easy. Taking your dog’s temperature before they begin exercise to determine a baseline, then again, every five minutes throughout the exercise on multiple occasions at multiple temperatures, then do the statistical analysis. It is not easy.
Q. How does a dog cool themselves?
Through respiration, panting. They do not cool themselves like humans with vascular cooling. Some cooling might be obtained with water on the feet and cooling with water around the anus.
Q. Is there anything I can do or use to help prevent heat stroke?
First, let’s say what doesn’t work. Evaporative cooling vest. Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon, using evaporative vest just adds weight to the dog making the problem worse, because dogs don’t cool themselves with the vascular system. Heat deflection vest do not work, dry evaporative vest does not work. The only device proven to reduce canine temperatures in preliminary scientific trials is the T-Cool collar.
Q. What is the T- Cool collar?
The T-Cool is a neoprene combination collar and chest piece. The device is quick and easy to put on the dog. It is shaped in the form of a T, wrapping around the neck and running down the chest of the dog. Packets of phase change material are placed inside the pockets in the collar. Phase change material, when placed in the freezer, turn solid and maintains a temperature of 45 degrees for 30-45 minutes depending on the external air temperature. The phase change material is a nontoxic, organic oil. So, even if your beloved partner bites into it, it is completely safe. The packets have unlimited number of times it can be re-frozen, and extra sets of packets are available.
Q. Who should use the T-Cool collar?
Anyone that is active with their companion, if you walk, run or bike with your dog. If you play fetch or frisbee, if you are into fly ball, agility, competitive obedience, if you hunt with your dog, are compete in dog sports like Schutzhund, PSA, French Ring, Mondio, or KNPV. If you train protection dogs, police dogs, bomb, explosive dogs, Search and Rescue, military, or homeland security.
Can my dog still wear other training collars or harnesses?
Yes, the T-Cool collar can be worn under harnesses and training collars can and should be worn above the T-Cool collar and below the dog’s ears.
Q. Can I buy additional Phase Change Material pack?
Yes, they are on the website and contain 3 pieces, the same you get with your initial package.
Q. Do you recommend have additional Phase Change Material Packs?
Yes, your canine partner’s temperature continues to climb after exercise or training, for approximately 20 minutes. We recommend replacing the packs with fresh cold ones during the cool down period.
Q. Do you guarantee my dog will not have a heat stroke when using your product.
No, as explained, the T-Cool collar is scientifically proven to reduce the dog’s body temperature. But, if you continue to work your dog, even with the collar on, YOU can cause heat stroke. Our objective is to raise your awareness, provide you a tool to lower temperature to help prevent heat stroke.
Q. Is your product Patented?
We have a Patent Pending, the Phase Change Material is Patented.
Q. How do we get the correct size collar of our dog?
 The collar fits all dogs with a neck size of 10" in circumference and up. And the dog's neck must be at least 4" tall.

Q. What is your return policy?

While we hope you never need to return your collar, we realize those occasions will happen. Please read our policy carefully.

  • Before considering a return, if your reason is due to fit, and you need an extension for the neck or chest strap, please email us, we offer those for free.
  • We offer a One Year guarantee for workmanship, defects and non punctured cool packs. Please email us and explain your problem, then return the collar and cool packs. Once we receive them, we will give you a 100% refund.
  • 30 day refund. If you are not pleased with your collar, within the first 30 days of ownership, please email your reasons why you are requesting a refund and then you may return the collar at your expense. There is a 25% restocking charge.
  • Before any refund is given, an email of explanation needs to be sent with the order number of your purchase.