Blog #3 Expectations and Feedback

It has been a busy spring here at T-Coolk9, but we are getting into the summer groove, and it is time to visit again. Our topic for today is expectations and feedback. One of the most difficult things to do in today’s world of social media, constant flow of information, minimal usage of words on some social platforms and limited attention spans, is to communicate in depth about complicated issues. So, we have the blog!

      We try very hard to set expectations with our community of dog lovers. Our product is not a panacea or a 100%  prevention of heat stroke. We have explained that in our other blogs. We offer advice on how to prevent heat stroke both with knowledge and the use of the T-CoolK9 collar.

      With that said, the most valuable thing we can receive from customers is feedback. Wonderful stories of how competitive working dogs reduce their recovery time by using the collar. We just had a story of a K9 unit, which had a dog go into heat stroke and was saved by using the collar. But the most helpful comments are from customers regarding issues they perceive they are having. That information helps drive our future communications, by listening to you! So, let’s combine some of the feedback and expectations into a few bullet points of knowledge and help for you.

  • The collar needs to be snug around the neck. If it is loose, the cool packs can not draw the heat away from the body. Additionally, by having the collar snug, it causes the dog to hold their head upright, thus opening the trachea and improving their breathing. Which is the primary method of cooling.
  • The packs return to liquid to fast. We tell people that the packs should stay cool for 30-45 minutes. Could be more, could be less, based on how hot the dog is and the outside temperature. PLEASE NOTE! If the cool packs get warm quickly, be careful, your dog is hot. When the packs get warm, that means they are working and pulling the heat out of the dog. 85% of the people buying collars, buy additional cool packs! The cool packs can be recharged 1000 times. All you need is a small cooler with ice. If you are going to be out for an extended period, take an extra set of packs with you and replace them with the cold ones. Take the warm ones and put them into the ice and the will re-freeze.
  • Did you know that you can fold the collar with the packs in them and place the entire collar into the freezer, so they are always ready to go?


       99% of the comments and communication we receive is heart warming and drives our efforts forward. We learn from those that need more information. To all of you who have joined our family, we say thank you! Always feel free to reach out to us. Share your photos and stories on social media and keep enjoying the summer with your dog, safely!