Blog #2 Paranoid or Prepared?

T-CoolK9 Blog #2

Paranoid or Prepared?

Welcome back to our second blog post. If you haven’t read the first one, I highly recommend you do so. The topic for this week’s post is Paranoid or Prepared? I was walking my dog the other day, with his T-Cool collar on, I was aware of the Delta, the temperatures here are about 20 degrees higher than they were two weeks ago, and I ran into one of my neighbors.

What kind of collar is that, he asked? I told him that it was a collar designed to lower my dog’s body temperature, to help prevent heat stroke. Wow, he said, are you paranoid about that? I had to stop and think for a second. I said no, but I am prepared. I asked him how many flat tires he has had in the last 20 years? He said, I don’t know, maybe one or two. I asked him if he had a spare tire in his car? He said always. So, you can guess the next question, are your paranoid or prepared? We both laughed, and he said touché!

You get my point. Whenever you travel or go to train or exercise with your dog, most people take a lot of stuff with them, collars, leashes, water, balls, tugs etc. Why not be prepared and take your T-Cool collar with you. It is really very simple, you can put the entire collar in the freezer, and it will always be ready. Most people have a small cooler with drinks, throw it in there if you are planning on using it for the cool down. Better yet, get an extra set of cool packs, wear the collar while you are training or exercising your dog, and when done, replace the cool packs with fresh frozen ones, for the cool down.      

Here are some fun facts about the collar.

  • The collar should be snug, but not restrictively tight around your dog’s neck.
  • The collar doesn’t need to wrap all the way around the neck, just ear to ear.
  • The collar can get wet, muddy and dirty. Wash in warm water, mild soap and air dry.
  • You can freeze the cool packs while in the collar, just make sure the collar is flat in the freezer.
  • The faster the cool packs return to a liquid, the more heat they are drawing away from your dog’s body. That is a good thing! Always have a spare set frozen and with you.

In closing, my dog’s life means more to me, than a flat tire. So paranoid or prepared, doesn’t really matter. Remember, Awareness, Know your Delta and Wear your T-Cool collar. The three important rules to help prevent canine heat stroke. Have a great week, get outside with your dog and have some fun!