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Blog #2 Paranoid or Prepared?

T-CoolK9 Blog #2 Paranoid or Prepared? Welcome back to our second blog post. If you haven’t read the first one, I highly recommend you do so. The topic for this week’s post is Paranoid or Prepared? I was walking my dog the other day, with his T-Cool collar on, I was aware of the Delta, the temperatures here are about 20 degrees higher than they were two weeks ago, and I ran into one of my neighbors. What kind of collar is that, he asked? I told him that it was a collar designed to lower my dog’s body temperature, to help prevent heat stroke. Wow, he said, are you paranoid about that? I had to stop and think for...

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Awareness and Delta

Awareness and Delta Welcome to the inaugural blog post here at T-CoolK9. The topic is Awareness and Delta. Canine heat stroke is a silent killer of our beloved partners. And it can be prevented. The first step to prevention is Awareness. There are three key areas to be aware of. They are, ambient temperature and humidity, condition of your dog, and the activity you will be doing with your dog. The key here, is the Delta or change in any one of the three. The change in any one of these three things, can be the spark, that begins the possibility of heat stroke. Let’s look at a couple of examples. Let’s say you and you dog run for 30...

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